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235 Sunrise Avenue / P.O. Box 3027

Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Phone: 561-514-4064


S. Daniel Abraham, Founding Member, is known to everyone as "Danny".

DReuven Blankanny created the culture of friendly at New Synagogue. He's a family man who lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his wife (Ewa) and their two children. He travels to visit his four daughters and grandchildren, who live throughout the country and in Israel. 

Israel is Danny's top passion and his Center for Middle East Peace is making strides to promote the end of conflict in the Middle East. With Danny behind the effort, we are constantly encouraged that there will be peace in our time. Danny remains active in a number of business and philanthropic projects that make our world a better place to be.  





Rabbi Alan G. Ciner, Founding Rabbi. When New Synagogue was formed, there was only one Rabbi who we would consider to be our spiritual leader: Rabbi Alan G. Ciner.

Fortunately for us, Rabbi Ciner agreed and we were delighted to have a beloved and transformative Rabbi leading our congregation.  

We don't let our loved ones go so easily. When Rabbi Ciner was offered the position of Vice President of the prestigious Touro College and University System, and asked to serve as CEO of Touro College South, we proudly wished him well. But we also made it clear; he will always be our Rabbi and we expect to see him around the shul often. Over the years, our Founding Rabbi Ciner has never let us down. Rabbi Ciner is an active leader in our community and an inspiration to us all.

Rabbi Ciner is a family man. His greatest source of blessing lies with his precious children and grandchildren. 

Read More About Rabbi Alan G. Ciner.

Reuven BlankFounding PresidentWithout Reuven, we would not have the successful, dynamic shul we enjoy today.

From day one, RReuven Blankeuven has served as President with determination and drive. Reuven is a friend of Israel and visits often with his wife, Natalie.

The Blanks have children and grand-children living in Israel and his heart is never far away from our Jewish homeland.






Dr. Edward Steinberg, of blessed memory, was the Co-Chair of the Executive Committee 

Ed SteinbergHe was a man loved and revered by all who knew him. He was kind, generous, and smart. All went to Ed for advice and counsel as he was always ready with thoughtful observations and suggestions. Our synagogue was fortunate to have such a good friend and leader.

And did we mention music? Ed had a magnificent voice and would often treat us to a song or two, at times accompanied by his grandson Daniel! 

Dr. Steinberg was very active in the greater philanthropic community. He and his wife (Judy) supported charitable projects all over the world. Being a man of medicine, Ed was on the cutting edge of medical advances that saved lives and improved the quality of life. Dr. Steinberg is survived by his three daughters and grandchildren.

Mon, November 29 2021 25 Kislev 5782