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235 Sunrise Avenue / P.O. Box 3027

Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Phone: 561-514-4064

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At New Synagogue, located in Palm Beach, FL, we view our synagogue as God's home, a mini temple of sorts. You are one of God's children and, therefore, have a special place at New Synagogue. Join us as we embark on our journey of growth through prayer and Torah study. We celebrate spirited Shabbatot, holidays, and life events together, as we aspire to elevate our service of God and our relationships with our fellow human beings.

Looking forward to our journey together,

Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim



Welcome to New Synagogue, an inclusive Modern Orthodox community in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida.

New Synagogue is an open, friendly, and respectful community in which residents of Palm Beach County as well as people from around the world feel at home. We invite you to join our community and become a part of our Synagogue Family.

In the Beginning


We knew we had something different from the very beginning.  

It was 2000 when a small and diverse group of men and women came together to make a new synagogue home. 

Our founding member, Dan Abraham, brought an entrepreneurial spirit to Judaism, never seen before.  He re-invented what it means to be a Modern Orthodox community devoted to Torah, Israel, and Mitzvot. 

We made change happen in the Jewish community of the Palm Beaches by opening our doors at the New Synagogue and inviting our friends and neighbors to join our family.


New Synagogue is a close, welcoming, and downright friendly community.

One of the challenges we are currently facing is communal social isolation. We have set up an online platform for classes where we can get together and continue strengthening ourselves through Torah study and prayer. Also, we have a Virtual Social Roundtable in which we discuss current affairs.

We would love for you to join our online community! Read more about our Online Events.


Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim

You won’t be bored learning about the Torah ever again. Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim will teach you something new, give you an “ah-ha” moment from Torah, and help you reflect on Jewish values that are relevant to the way you live your life today. Read more about Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim.

Be inspired! Listen to Rabbi Bar-Chaim LIVE! Join our Virtual Daily Prayer (M-F at 10:30am), a class in which Rabbi Bar-Chaim recites Psalms, Avinu Malkeinu, and a prayer for the complete healing (refuah shleimah) for all those in need of healing, as well as delves into Ways of the Righteous (Orchot Tzadikim). For further inspiration, join our bi-weekly Spiritual Halachah Class (Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:15am) and weekly The Story of a Wise Person and a Simple Person Class (Wednesdays at 11:15am). You can join our classes by clicking HERE or by calling 301.715.8592  MEETING ID: 7065006345

Read more about our Online Events.

If you miss a class or want to review the information presented, be sure to check out our Online Class Recordings.

Latest Updates

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We welcome you to our Synagogue Family and look forward to your presence in our online community!

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782