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235 Sunrise Avenue

Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Phone: 561-514-4064

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new synagogue of palm beach

Welcome to the New Synagogue of Palm Beach, home of the early Shabbat morning minyan. New Synagogue of Palm Beach is an inclusive Modern Orthodox community in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida. We are located in the beautifully scenic Rooftop Atrium, atop the landmark Palm Beach Hotel at 235 Sunrise Avenue.

The New Synagogue of Palm Beach is an open, friendly, respectful, and meaningful sacred space in which residents of Palm Beach County as well as visitors from around the world feel at home. We invite you to come to the New Synagogue of Palm Beach, join our community, and become a part of our family. You will have an unforgettable experience. Welcome home! 

In the Beginning

BereshitWe knew we had something different from the very beginning.  

It was 2002 when a small and diverse group of men and women came together to make a new synagogue home. 

Our founding member, Dan Abraham, brought an entrepreneurial spirit to Judaism, never seen before.  He re-invented what it means to be a Modern Orthodox community devoted to Torah, Israel, and Mitzvot. 

We made change happen in the Jewish community of the Palm Beaches by opening our doors at the New Synagogue of Palm Beach and inviting our friends and neighbors to join our family.


New Synagogue of Palm Beach is a close, welcoming, and downright friendly community.  We also have members of the Tribe who fly in from all over the world to daven with us in our intimate setting. We're inviting you to be a part of our extended family. Read more about Visiting Us


Early Morning Minyan

You won’t be bored at services ever again. Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim is well known for his inspiring 9-minute sermon. Learn something new.  Have an “ah-ha” moment from Torah. Reflect on Jewish values that are relevant to the way you live your life today.

Enjoy davening in the Ashkenazic Orthodox tradition, led by Cantor Henry Shimansky.  His spirited melodies are soulful, and inspire you to greater kavanah (purpose) and joy. 

The New Synagogue of Palm Beach believes that worship services don’t have to be long to be meaningful.  

Come daven with our early morning Shabbat minyan. We start at 8:15 a.m. and, on most days, finish by 10:45 a.m.  Kiddush follows the service and you’re free to linger with your New Synagogue of Palm Beach family, or go home and enjoy your day of rest.

Read more about Service Times



We honor tradition in our sanctuary.  The Great Temple is our model. The Ark, Ner Tamid, and separate seating are symbols of Judaism that help us identify with our past while recognizing our present.  

Our sanctuary faces east towards Jerusalem, where the original Torah was kept before the Temple that housed it was destroyed. Not only are you one with Israel and the Jewish people, but you are also one with nature. Enjoy the view of the ocean, palm trees, and birds perched outside the windows of our sacred space.

What is Jewish tradition without plenty of good food? Our kiddush lunch is world-renowned. 

Food is not just an after-thought at New Synagogue of Palm Beach, it adds to the experience of being in a community. We have fun breaking bread, breaking out the schnapps (and more) when we gather for services, events, and learning.

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