Community Resources

New Synagogue offers:

Mezuzah Hanging & Consultation

Settling into a new space? Let us know and allow us to celebrate your simcha.

We will help you bring blessing and protection to your new space with a properly attached Mezuzah on the door of your new space. We will stop by and guide you as you celebrate the dedication of your new space. 

Early Childhood Life Cycle Celebration Counseling

Considering hosting a baby naming for your child? Wanting to give your child a Hebrew name infused with spiritual meaning? We are here to help you make your Simcha the joyous occasion it should be.

Text 561-376-5837 for guidance.. .

Exploring what it feels like to experience Judaism with a spouse who has had a different set of experiences than your own? Service is open to the community by appointment only: Text 561-376-5837 to schedule a consult

Kashering a Home

Moving into a new space? Increasing your observance?

If you have questions about how to establish a kosher home we are here to assist you.

Sacred identification

Sorting through family heirlooms, and stumble upon an artifact of unknown origin? Wondering about the Hebrew letters inscribed on a ritual item that was discovered in a garage sale?

Spiritual/Crisis Counseling

Death in the family? Difficult diagnosis?  Unexpected transition? Moral Dilemmas?

Caught in a situation and not sure what the moral approach is? Need an objective view inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom? Our rabbi is only a phone call away. Pastoral care and counseling can be made available- please email to (confidentially) schedule a time to connect with our clergy for this benefit.