Kollel Program

New Synagogue Kollel in Partnership with Yeshivas Toras Chaim

Kollel Program

**New Synagogue Kollel Program in on a temporary recess

Sunday through Friday 7:30am

New Synagogue welcomes you to our daily minyan at 7:30am every morning Sunday through Friday. We are a 7 day-a-week year round center of Jewish life.

Our minyan is reliable day in and day out. We have partnered with Yeshivas Toras Chaim, a highly regarded institute of Jewish learning, to establish the New Synagogue Kollel. Every morning a group of 10 post-high school students will be present for Shacharit, the morning service, ensuring the minyan. As part of our Kollel, these students will have a half hour study session after Shacharit. You are welcome to stay if you’d like following services for a warm dose of Torah study with a  young scholar.

**Registration is required for all services & classes at New Synagogue. Please click here to register for our Kollel Program.