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Chol Hamoed/Shmini


By: Rabbi Barak Bar Chaim

The Talmud says that one is not allowed to praise God’s greatness, because all the adjectives we may use to describe God’s greatness and kindness, dwarf in comparison to His true greatness and kindness. Therefore rather than ‘insulting’ God by listing so few of his attributes in such a limited way, one should rather be silent.
On Seder night and throughout Passover the constant singing of God’s praises appears to contradict the above principal. The Maharal of Prague suggests the following answer: One could never find sufficient words to thank God for all the kindness he bestowed and bestows upon us. Nonetheless one is certainly duty bound to thank God and praise Him in gratitude for the many kindnesses he has bestowed upon us.Only praise that is intended simply to be praise is forbidden, but praise for the purpose of expressing thanks is certainly appropriate and demanded of us. 
Friends, Passover is the time to be truly thankful for being part of this unique nation and for all the kindness that God has bestowed upon us as individuals and communities. Although we cannot express our thankful praise sufficiently, we cannot and should not remain silent. Let us be grateful in our hearts and express our gratitude with our lips.

Thu, August 22 2019 21 Av 5779